COVID-19, Layoffs, and Health Insurance oh my

With 17 million Americans filing for unemployment this week and a pandemic on the rage the consequence that comes from this is that millions of people are losing their employer sponsored health insurance.  This can be a scary and confusing thing for people, especially with Emergency Rule 40 being issued by the Louisiana Department of Insurance.  There’s a deadly disease on the rise and they don’t have health coverage anymore, what do they do?  Well first off, if you’re in this situation I want you to take a deep breath and avoid panic.  There are a few scenario’s to consider, all of which e

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Health Insurance 101

Health insurance used to be a fairly simple process. But today, whether obtaining health insurance privately or through an employer, we’re being offered a variety of insurance plans with varying benefit levels, making the choice more difficult.

Before you enroll in another health insurance plan, here are some common terms you need to know – and understand:

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